Reports Required by Florida Statute

About this Collection

Section 286.001, Florida Statutes establishes the Department of State's Division of Library and Information Services as the official custodian for reports that Florida statute requires agencies to file. This online repository allows members of the public to search for and access these required reports.

The State Library of Florida collects and makes these reports searchable.

The state reports collection and advanced functionality required by statute was funded with General Revenue through an appropriation by the Florida Legislature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are state entities required to submit reports?

286.001, F.S. states that state agencies, water management districts, and other state entities must electronically submit their statutorily required reports to be included in a searchable repository. This searchable repository will allow members of the public to search for and access statutorily required reports.

2. How do I upload my reports?

View our tutorial and register for an account to access our State Publications and Legislative Reports Upload System. When uploading a legislative report, you must:

  • Enter the report title.
  • Indicate the statute which mandates the report.
  • Select the designated recipient.
  • If redacted, upload a redaction statement.

You will receive an instant upload confirmation within the system and an email confirmation the following day listing all of your uploads.

3. What formats are accepted?

  • PDF
  • Word

4. What happens to these reports?

Reports will be added to the digital repository. Once a quarter, the State Library will compile a bibliography of all reports received during the previous quarter and submit that bibliography to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

5. Can I set up a notification to be alerted when a report has been added to the repository? 

Notifications can be set up for these scenarios:

  • Report creator.
  • Requiring statute.
  • Submission date required in statute.
  • Designated recipient as stated in statue.

To create a notification, you must have an account. Click on the log in icon in the top right corner of this page to create one or go to

6. Do the reports get distributed to the designated recipient to view or do they receive a notification that it’s been uploaded?

The State Library will not be providing notice to statutorily identified recipients of reports upon receipt of an agency’s filed report. Recipients must create an account within the repository and sign up for notifications to be notified when a report is submitted.

7. Who do we contact if we still have questions?

Email us at, or call 850.245.6850.